If we really want to face the death of God, said Nietzsche, we must not put anything else in his throne.

There is a piece of a matrix of ideas in my head, the tail ends of ideas that are bigger than me, stronger than me, against which I compare my own strength to determine whether I am strong. Against which I determine my own truth or falsehood, guilt or innocence. And if I do not know one or the other, the tails and framgents tell me that the either/or is out there, somewhere. It is in God -- the God we dress up as reason. We may not call it God, but it lives and dies as God lives and dies.

Without this matrix there is no shame. And in my own blind thrashing to escape my shame, I have mortally wounded it. And now I am an Earth unchained from it's Sun.

The verification and enumeration, the exploration of God's beautiful, trustworthy consistencies -- is impossible for me. There is no possibility anymore, for me to live happily as a scientist.

I am happy, now, for me, but I am afraid for us. If everyone made the decision that I have made, there would be no way to hold us together. Does anyone know a way to hold a society together with a truly empty throne?

time_three: aye, how quickly indeed. I know that morality without God is possible, eventually, but I agree with Nietzsche that the interim will be nasty business.