Paros is correclty known as the Grand Central Station of the Aegean. Most boats stop here and you can make connections to the Dodecanese and even Samos. The town is full of foreigners and bars and also internet cafes, which is a plus. Head for the smaller villages or Antiparos if it is quiet you seek. If you like to party then Parakia and Naoussa will suit you just fine. The tiny idealic fishing village of Naousa is so crowded in the summer that you have to stand in line to walk past the cafes that surround the port but it's a great scene and worth going for Mykonos-like action without Mykonos prices. The beaches of Paros, though popular, are also quite nice, and Paros is known as the wind-surfing capital of Greece. Plenty of camping too. The ferry trip is about 6 hours from Athens and stops at Syros sometimes. There are daily connections to Mykonos, Ios and Santorini and Sifnos in the summer. There are also less frequent connections to Crete, the Dodekanese, Ikaria, Samos, Amorgos, the small Cyclades islands, Skiathos, Crete and Thessaloniki. There are also Hydrofoils, Catamans, sea-jets and other strange and speedy craft that stop at just about every island around. The travel agencies in the port list the daily boats and this is about the only accurate way to keep track of them all.

    Paros can be really fun, and, like Ios and Mykonos, it caters to a younger crowd. I used to go a lot in high-school, as it was fairly close, and really fun. The bars are open late, and people just wander from place to place all night, enjoying the weather and the good spirits. The swimming is typical island swimming (good). The farther you go from the main cities, the better, and more secluded, the beaches get, so it's worth the walk if you want less crowded beaches, or if you want to be alone with someone.

    As for ThePope's ferry like our football (soccer). This is not typical, but things like this happen once in a blue moon. I remember one ferry that cast off with one of the main hold doors open, and water started pouring in. I love Greece; keeps life interesting :)

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