Ishamael is easily the most dangerous of the Forsaken for several reasons:
  • Firstly, no matter how many times he is killed (and Rand only killed him once; he only wounded him in the end of the first two books), Ishamael is recycled by the Dark One with no apparent loss of favor. In fact, he is even given control of Moghedian's mindtrap after her bungling with Nynaeve.

  • Secondly, he has been loose, if not completely, at least partially, since the sealing of the Bore. This is confirmed by Lanfear, when she scornfully speaks to Graendal of the fact that Ishamael's manipulations over the last 3000 years have come to naught. This is signifigant in that Ishamael is familiar with the currents of this new age; he hasn't been sealed in dreamless sleep for an eternity. He is very much involved in the new age, not lamenting the end of the Age of Legends like the rest of the Forsaken.

  • Thirdly, Ishamael makes frequent use of the True Power, something even the rest of the Forsaken fear to do. As this can only be done with the Dark One's blessing, it is highly unlikely that Ishamael is masquerading as the Dark One. The Dark One is not a partiularly forgiving master.

  • The final, and most important fact that sets Ishamael above the other Forsaken, not just in terms of sheer power (and Power), is the fact that he does not scheme like the other Forsaken, or Chosen if you will. They all serve the Dark One, but they incessantly plot against each other for power, and the position of Nae'blis. The serve the Dark One, but they want to rule the new age as second to only him. Ishamael wants to kill the Serpent, and break the Wheel of Time forever. He is the only one that understands the Dark One's true desire: since the moment of Creation, he has wanted to see it all burn. Ishamael couldn't give a rat's ass about control; he wants to see it all go down. If Lewis Therin Telamon (or more importantly, the Dragon, as Ishamael believes that Lewis himself was the rebirth of the soul that will always try and oppose the Dark One's machinations) can be brought over to the Dark One's side, even better, but it's all must burn in the end.