Since the days of experimentation using a standard telephone line are almost over, many of todays curious tech community are moving towards cellular communications.

ESN/MIN pairs are no longer difficult to obtain and if used carefully will last much longer than calling cards, codes and most other methods of phone phreaking.

This text will explain how to easily connect any cellular phone to a modem, without the expense of buying a cellular line interface or similar device.

* What you will require:

To undertake this project you will require the following:

1 desktop telephone
1 telephone doubler socket
4 lengths of wire (30cm long)
1 roll of solder
1 roll of masking tape

You will also require a soldering iron, wire strippers and a screw driver.

* Instructions:

1. Unscrew the screws holding your desktop telephone handset together. Remove the ear piece speaker and microphone from the plastic moulding and cut the wires connected to them.

2. Now solder the 30cm long lengths of wire onto the existing handset ear piece speaker and microphone wires. Once you have done this, simply re-solder the ear piece speaker and microphone onto the extended handset wiring.

3. Place the extended handset ear piece speaker over the mouth piece on your cellular telephone and wrap in masking tape. This will not only hold the extended handset ear piece speaker in position, but also prevent background noise problems.

4. Now place the extended handset microphone over the ear piece on your cellular telephone and wrap in masking tape as above.

* How to use the device:

Basically, what you have done is turned your desktop telephone into an acoustic coupler type device. To use the device, simply follow the instructions below.

1. Plug your telephone doubler socket into your telephone socket. Plug your desktop telephone into one socket and your modem line into the other socket.

2. Leave your telephone handset off the hook until your line is completely dead. (i.e. after you have listened to "please replace the handset and try again" or something similar about 10 times.

3. Dial the modem dialup you wish to call on your cellular phone and press SEND as you would normally.

4. Type ATD into your terminal package and press return. Your modem should now be off the hook and waiting for a carrier signal from your cellular telephone.

* How it works:

The carrier signal from the remote modem will be sent out of your cellular telephone ear piece speaker and into the desktop telephone handset microphone. Your modem will receive any data send into the desktop telephone handset after the ATD (off-hook) command has been issued.

In the same way, any carrier signals from your modem will be sent out of the desktop telephone handset earpiece speaker and into your cellular telephone microphone.

shouts out to: Phantasm on UnAuThOrIsEd AcCeSs BBS...he's the mofo that came up with this :0)
it's also available at, and may have been in an issue of phrack...