"Conceived in the fall of 1986 by Harvard undergraduates Craig Hickman and Morgan Innis, the Callbacks originated as a mixed a cappella group aiming to diversify the spectrum of artistic performance at the college. In its earliest days, the group's participation in the campus music scene was restricted to opening for other performers. Soon, however, the group developed a musical presence of its own, performing at paying venues, at other colleges, at charity concerts, and eventually on the stage of Sanders Theatre. A recording career followed shortly afterwards.

As years went by, the Callbacks have become more and more established in the a cappella community. The group continues to garner national awards for its live performances; its arrangements, all of which are written by Callbacks; as well as its five studio recordings, of which Don't Look Down, released fall 2000, is the latest. In April of 2000, the Callbacks were the top-placing coed group in the National Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, placing third overall. Annual trips have been initiated, including a Spring Break tour and a fall New York tour.

For the individual members , the evolution has manifested itself in even more responsibility and participation. The ongoing struggle to refine our performance and remain at the top of the art has transformed this amazingly diverse collage of faces into a legitimate family. Being in the Callbacks shapes a significant portion of each of our college experiences. We each try our best to translate the passion and the humor that this group provides us into a passionate, humorous show for every audience and for each other."

Current Members:
Royd Chung             '01    President
Erika Rhone             '01    Music Director
Megan Gaffney        '02    Alumni Coordinator
Matt Thompson       '02    Publicity Manager / Webmaster
Sasha Haines-Stiles '02    Stage Manager
Francis Crick          '03    Co-Historian
Megan Guy             '03    Business Manager
Ben Jackson            '03    Assistant Music Director
Sarah Jessop           '03
Liz Drummond        '04
Marcel LaFlamme   '04
Adam Lalley           '04
Christina Vargas     '04
Chris Shutzer          '04
Tariq Yasin             '04

Off the Record (1991)
Kaleidoscope (1994)
Ninety Miles an Hour
Diving With the Mayans (1998)
Don't Look Down (2000)

These guys kick some major ass...and I'm usually into heavier stuff. I saw their Friday, November 17th Harvard/Yale Weekend Minijam, and I was floored. I was visiting my ex-girlfriend, and her roommate (Sarah Jessop) is a Callback, so we went to see them. It was a small room; maybe 10-12 rows of chairs. I sat on the floor way up front, and I was completely speechless. It was cool because it was such a small room; sort of that 'small club' atmosphere. They're just a great a cappella group. All in all, a very moving experience. The Yale Alley Cats also performed, and they were great too. I liked the Callbacks more because they were a coed group. If you ever have a chance to see them, I highly recommend it; they've earned so much praise for a very good reason.

for more info: http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~c-backs/ (source of quoted text)