Wait a minute; no I didn't.

Arggggg. My XP total just went up, so how did I lose experience? I just can't gr0k it.

While staring at the epicenter nodelet, hoping that by focusing my ire and confusion, it will suddenly spout some wisdom, I notice the server clock.

20:34 Sun Apr 1 2001

That's great; I get more votes in three and a half hours. Whoop-de-friggin-do. I get more votes, and votes don't even seem to be working. Waiiiiiit a minute. April 1st. Hey...isn't it that whole April Fool's holiday thingie?


Um...<cough>...I get it now.

Damn it; I've lived through 21 years, and each and every one of those had an April 1st in it. You'd think I learn. But no. I continue on in my little world, and flip out when I lose XP because I submitted a writeup.

Ha. /me laughs at myself

/me stoooopid sometimes

So don't worry people; you're not losing XP really. Well...sometimes you will be. And just when you get used to it, we'll be back to the old system in about three and a half hours. Don't you love it :)

Experience is nothing; worship the database.