The sine-tone of a thousand cicadas singing in my head:
Herein follows a philosophical little rant, just because I'm feeling so inclined.

Permanency Versus Change?


Whilst I believe in the solidarity of the human mind, I also feel as if it is in a continual state of change. Me of yesterday was not me of today, much less five years ago. My memories change constantly, and my perceptions are in perpetual change; my perception of a long-held memory changes every moment. I do not like this conclusion: if there is no permanence then there is nothing to believe in.

I am inclined for comfort value to at least believe in the human mind to shape, control and change the world. But if nothing changes over time we're all screwed. Our fate is sealed, our destiny pre-planned, our sense of individuality nothing more than comfortable falsehood. Maybe in that sense permanence is a scarier idea than change.

Permanence = non-purposeful existence
Change = no reason for existence

My tertiary application is in, and my sense of impatience is setting in further with it. But it's definitely a manageable feeling. I think I'm doing good, kid *pats head in end of American feel-good movie-esque moment*.