It's been probably more than a month since I've made an addition to everything2. I'll start up small again: a day log.

Date with my new XY chromosome friend today. I think I'm temporarily entertained. He's so captivatingly and childishly inquisitive - we'll be walking along and he'll lag behind to look at an opened chocolate bar or a hole in a wall or something. He reminds me of that certain person - but a pale imitation. Unhealthy? Perhaps. Doesn't feel that way just yet.

The words on everyone's lips: "But I thought you were gay!". I don't even attempt a reply. Outwardly unconcerned, even breezy. It's uncomforting summer here and I can't manage any other state.

Interesting - I just got downvoted for this comparatively non-angsty node. Who downvotes a daylog, honestly?