There’s just no room for sentimentality in modern life:
Even when listening to Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet. I’m feeling alright, I actually am. Consequently there is little need for reflection, as much as I like to force it sometimes.

Today was the first part of the core skills test for high school kids in Queensland, Australia and I was one of the unwilling participants. That’s all I intend to say about that.

Is it wrong that whenever I see that certain someone now all of these profanities pop into my head? Sometimes it’s somewhat hazy even which particular words my poor little mind is exuding at such an insane rate. “Y’ f_king lil’ f_ing *%it wh_e *&(* cow @#(& c_t”. Perhaps not ‘wrong’, but it’s not ‘me’. I’m not even particularly proficient at distaste for even her, as much as I achieve a very believable surface hatred. I even convince myself sometimes. *sighs* I amuse myself.