Today had many frustrations. Most of them involved me behind the wheel of a car gnashing my teeth and forgetting to suspend application of rational expectations on other drivers. Silly me.

Other sources of frustration were more... existential. I think that I have forgotten how to think. Unlearned learning, if you will. It's been months since I've worked... and I don't even feel motivated to get a job. Or I might be afraid to.

I also experienced major ISP hijinx. US West or QWest or whoever they've become decided to serve up naught but a busy signal this afternoon. The rocket scientist at technical support informed me that this meant that either the server had too many connections or it was broken. Uhm... thanks. I figured out that part. Since DSL and digital cable connections still aren't available in my highly-urban-but-traditionally-low-income-neighborhood, i had to opt for another dial up ISP. At least I had the pleasure of cancelling my old service from the new connection. I bet they're still stinging from my rejection.

Oh hey - episode 7 of Zombie College is finished loading. I gots ta go.