i really did go to market spice tea at lunch with a purpose in mind OTHER than flirting with the cute tea boy. really, i did. but he smiled from behind the counter and said hi and then my thinking got all muddled and it became difficult to a) find the right tea b) chose apparatus that would support a method of making it at work and c) i forget.

once i recalled that oolong makes my world very peaceful and okay i set about selecting some. i could feel him smirking at me. a few minutes later i gave up on selecting some and just grabbed the white-tipped store version. i then got bogged down in how to store it at work without purchasing an $18 air-tight glass container... and i hadn't even gotten around to how to make it.

"can i help you find anything?" he offered slyly. i was deliberating over the fancy glazed ceramic steeping cups or a simple shiny filter/spoon thingy.

"uhm... no..." i managed. "i'm just trying to figure out what to do..." d'oh! stupid! "i mean it's difficult to..." i bet he didn't want an intimate view of my thought process "and i'm trying to" blah blah blah... i don't remember what i ended up saying. thankfully more people came in.

as the vaguely gothic girl at the register rang everything up, i ventured to glance back at him. he was already looking at me and smiling. i quickly returned my attention to the exchange of funds and the packing-up of tea paraphernalia. i left the store and he waved and said "see you later." i tried to walk, carry the bag, not blush, turn, wave, and speak at the same time. none of it went well. i think i said "bleugh."