Kweer Pride

Wow. Today is the day of the gay lesbian transgender queer pride parade in Seattle!

Being queer myself, I have to say that, though today is quite a day, it's nothing like it used to be. I can remember my first few gay day parades - like around '90. Back then it was almost akin to Christmas in terms of anticipation leading up to the event and the exuberation of the celebration.

Now that I'm older - well to be frank, there's this tedious expectation that everyone will get laid. I did go out to some block parties the night before. I had a few drinks with some friends and danced my butt off but I was no more inclined to go home with a stranger than any other night of then year.

Ah well - that aside I am looking forward to the one time of year when I can be in a crowd of thousands and know that I'm not in the minority because 99% of the folks around me are also primarily attracted to people of the same gender. That's rarely important to me... but just once a year it is nice.