So today I fainted at a restaurant.

I'm in perfectly good health aside from just a touch of hay fever. I blew my nose too hard and started a rather nasty nosebleed. That - coupled with the extreme stress of the failing company and the fact that I did not sleep last night - caused me to go all light in the head.

I managed to get to the counter and pay for a bottle of snapple (hey, I hate the stuff too - but high fructose corn syrup coupled with cool liquid seemed a good idea at the time) but the last thing I remember is saying "Keep the change..."

Then I'm on the floor. And my head hurts. And two very nice Asian people are hovering about extremely concerned. Luckily this is a restaurant (Toshi's Teriyaki near Alderwood Mall) where I eat often and I know the people who work there. It was mortally embarassing. Once I came to, they helped me up and put some vaseline and a band-aid on my forehead. I was still out of it and didn't think to wonder about why I needed a band-aid.

Back at the office I noticed the angry purple knot of flesh above my right eye and the bright red one-inch gash running across it. Not pretty.

Ah well - the people at Toshi's are way nice. They even gave me an egg and said if I rubbed the egg on the bump it wouldn't swell up so bad. I didn't do it, but they were sure nice to offer.

It looks like I'm going to stay in tonight and have an affair with my antiseptic. Rats. I wanted to go out tonight... but I'm rather self-conscious about looking damaged. I told my roommate I lost a fight with the floor. Actually, I fancy I look rather roguish ... dangerous even.

/me snickers

A side note is that when drops of blood hit steamed white rice, they stain it the most brilliant color of red. It's intense. Brighter than you would think.