1. Take a perfectly decent english sentence - say, "This winsome young thing - a most vexing lass - accosted me in the street with a large banana."
  2. Put it in Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com) and direct the site to translate from english into italian.
  3. Take the resultant translation ("Questa cosa giovane winsome - un lass d' irritazione - indirizzata a me nella via con una grande banana.") and have it transformed from italian back to english.
  4. Laugh at the resulting garbled stuff: "This young thing winsome - a lass of irritation - addressed to me in the way with one great banana."
  5. It gets better as you run through multiple languages: "This winsome boy of the thing - a girl of the inflammation - employs a large banana to me over the way." and finally... "This boy winsome of the thing - a girl of the ignition - uses a great banana with me above in the way."