Hey all.

Just wanted to put a blip in the database to let it know I'm still out there. I've been massively passive with regard to E2 for all of recent memory (which doesn't go back too far) but I've got half a mind (if that) to rejoin the ranks of active noders. Trouble is my nodebase is holding me back. When I look back at the few hundred entries I've already made I just wince. So much of it is random, self-referential, or just plain bad. I'm toying with the idea of a massive nuke request... sort of want to hit the reset button ya know?

While I haven't been putting much into E2 in the past year, I have been getting a lot out of it. Almost everytime I stick my nose in here, I read something that makes me think... or feel something... or inspires me to write. Yeah... I think I want to try to bring the signal-to-noise ratio closer to 1.