Something strange happened to me this afternoon while I was waiting for the bus...

Ok, the truth is, strange things usually happen at this oh-so-high point in my day, however, this time, it just -- Got to me.

I'm sitting there, waiting, and this pleasant looking, older, black woman walks up and stands about a yard or two away. As always, I smile, then go about and mind my business.

As soon as I smiled, she looks me in the eyes, and starts going on, "Ignorant mofos, there are so many ignorant asses all trying to ruin it for everyone.....".

I nod, in empathy, and ask, "Did someone do something to you?" You know, like trying to help or listen.

Her eyes widen, "Are you talking to me? 'Cause if you are, you can just lick my Black Ass!" She calmly walks away.

I guess, in a way, I didn't realize that for some people, there is this divide. In a way, she is right; perhaps I will never understand it. I will also never be able to understand the hate people can have for total strangers. What this lady said to me hit a nerve, yet it did not make me angry. Instead, it made this question stick in my mind, the question I wanted to ask her before she walked away: "Well, what have you done to dispell the hate?"