Ok people! I'm sick and tired of all this and it is time for it to end. I am tired of all the sadness, all of the hate, all of the misery that we seem to so easily work into our lives. The end is now, listen up.

We need to stop this madness.
Revenge does not work.
Jealousy does not work.
Bigotry does not work.
Violence does not work.
Silence does not work.

We all need to reassess the things that displease us, the things that disgust us, the things that we cannot stand, or will not stand, or those things that we simply do not have patience for. Do we really understand the intention of God, or Allah, or Buddha, or whatever else wisdom that presents itself? Do we really listen?

Do any of us realize that we are one in the same, every person and being, and that the interconnectedness of all things guarantees that the whole will not benefit if all of its limbs are dying?

So here it is:
End it now...end the control dramas, end the self obsessions, end the egomania, end the loneliness of the self, end the wars, end the killing, end the self doubt, end the unlove, end the pain, end the suffering, now.

So easy, and yet.....
So hard to let go of the blaming.
This is really all it comes down to:
Have a little respect.