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mission drive within everything
hmm... i can build a house, deliver a baby, fix most mechanical things... oh, i can also babble incoherently for hours...
mostly self educated (?) currently looking mornfully at returning to the classroom
the only definition you have for me is that 'i am'... to try and codify me any other way would be shear folly on your part...
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i'd write something witty and articulate here, if i had them qualities. i don't, so you get the following bs....

born n raised in washington state, currently live on the east side of it. have 3 sons, an x-wife, a future wife, little money and lots of friends. personally, i think i'm doin ok. i'm a newbie here, so there is a 99% chance i'll re-write this sucker once i figure out whats up. or find out you all really are from Mars, and this is one of them off-world recruiting sites...

ps... one of my pet peaves is folks who are grammatical geeks... not that i mind proper sentance structure in the articles i read and/or might post, but i tend to get illiterate from time to time, just because i want to. so if you see something that seems like a third grader could of done better, then i will be happy indeed. So long for now.

Arod Rev:1 11/07/02 added paragraph html tag to sucker... gee, i learn fast, eh?