I don't remember very much of what happened before, but at one point I was using a device with a monochrome yellow backlit screen. It was a bit similar to a PDA, except that the software that was loaded, showed a spreadsheet-like screen, with names of various religions in the leftmost column, and statements in some obscure programming language in the other columns. The program, apparently, was designed to analyze, using formal logic, the relationships between religions, the sets of beliefs of which they consisted, and their adherents.

In my attempt to make my own entry to try out the capabilities of the program, I found that I was unable to figure out the programming language's equivalent of the pseudo code atheist = has_religion(nil). So, I decided to RTFM.

Before long, I found myself entangled in a TEX typesetting manual. The passage I was reading, described in detail the appearance of a mathematical symbol called a Kell triplet. Roughly speaking, it looked like a right square bracket connected with a horizontal line to a circle, which was connected with another horizontal line with a left square bracket. The circle was supposed to enclose three variables, which the symbol expressed some relationship between. The book read about as follows:

Even with today's computing power, and the prevalence of the Amiga, rendering the symbol as [slightly bold representation, with serifs] may be very expensive1, and is not needed except in printed publications (like this book).

If you intend to send [the printout] to the municipality, this version should suffice: [very thin representation, with straighter lines, and with small, open gaps between the five parts].

In joke collections2, [a symbol very similar to the one before] may also be used.

The different representations of the symbol was inserted straight into the text, but since they aren't included in Unicode yet, I have described them in square brackets in this writeup.

And no, I never got back to my experiment with the pseudo-PDA.

1"Expensive" as in "computationally expensive", was the intention.

2That would have to be mathematician jokes.