A man had just moved in the flat next door. I was in his place while he wasn't there, and leafed through his bookshelf. I knew that he was a member of a Christian denomination (or spin-off religion, some would say), that held both the Bible and two extra books as canon. He had their augmented Bible in an ordinary single volume version with thin pages and small writing, and he also had all the books in the Bible as separate volumes, with ordinary pages and all the text set in Times 12. The Bible was identical to the ordinary Christian Bible, except for the aforementioned extra books, and that the chapters weren't called "chapters", but "suman".

But what I found really interesting about my new neighbour's religious book collection, was that he had the two extra books of the religion in their original language, which was clearly not of this Earth. To my untrained eyes, the script looked vaguely like lower-case Roman letters, interspersed with Benjamin Franklin's proposed ligatures for the English language, and a few acute accents. But there was more! Another volume contained a reference grammar for the language in question, and another a dictionary. I decided to get my own versions of the books, so that I could point out inconsistensies in the language, and thus prove that it was an invention of the religion's founder, rather than the language of the aliens/angels (the similarity with the Mormons was getting quite obvious at this point).

I was becoming a little bit lucid, so I decided to find out the name of the denomination/religion for this writeup. I looked in the foreword of the single-volume Bible, but had difficulty finding any references to the religion by name. I saw a word that looked like a corruption of "Joshua", but I wasn't sure whether that had anything to do with it.