Shirodhara (or Shirodhaara) (from the word shiro, meaning head, and dhara, meaning flow) is an Indian ayurvedic therapy whose purpose is to assist in the remedy of the third eye. It is a method of purification therapy, or Shodhana, which means the eradication of disease. Ayurveda is a holistic medical system developed in Indian more than five millenia ago.

Shirodhara consists of oil being poured directly onto the third eye chakra while your head is tilted slightly backwards. The oil then is rubbed into your hair and scalp by a therapist, or, depending on the place you get it done, an ayurvedic physician. The oil used is blended based on your dosha, an ayurvedic term meaning the fundamental energies which regulate your life force. There are three dosha, the tridosha. In addition, you are often served tea at the end of Shirodhara, also based on the tridosha that is out of balance for you. Many ayurvedic physicians or therapists will have you fill out a questionnaire upon arrival or speak with you in order to obtain this information. Some do neither, and judge based on what they see.

Shirodhara's advocates suggest it is very effective for head, neck, and brain disorders, assisting in clarity of thought, memory, insomnia, sinus disorders, and breathing problems. I have found it to be a valuable relaxation tool.