When worlds collide, their Gods jump out and start fighting.

Venerian God:
Idiot! Can't you keep to your bloody orbit?
Martian God:
Hey! Mind your language, you son of a mortal! Can't you follow an omen? Didn't your sacrificial virgins teach you anything?
V. God:
Look, you snake oil peddlar. I don't care what miracles you're trying to perform for your primitive followers; you cut inside my orbit. I mean, just look what your tidal effects did to my atmosphere!
M. God:
Next time wake up before mucking about with the gravitational constant! Idiot!
Earth God:
Get out of the way! Move it!
sound effects:
brakes squealing, horns blaring, and an Almighty crash.
E. God:
Damn! That's the third mass extinction on my planet!