Ya, right. Let's face it. This is more propaganda from THE MANAGEMENT. Seemingly technical explanations, wrapped in the "Hi-Tech" language we've all learned to associate with the new technocrats: "backup", "mirror", "server" and "webserver", "gzip", "upload", "bandwidth".

If everything is as innocent as claimed, then please explain this:

Here's the real explanation: the E2Cabal is systematically trying to depress the rising E2 masses. This is done by nuking some of the hoi poloi's nodes every day at 2:15am PDT. The aim is simple: by keeping people further away from rising levels, the E2 ruling class' hegemony is extended.

Naturally, you cannot nuke nodes for a noder who has (say) 17 nodes till their next level -- they are keeping track. It's people with more than 163 nodes till their next level who are the target. Every night, sophisticated text mining software installed on E2 scans all nodes created by these people and selects suitable candidates for elimination; the vast amounts of computing power required for this process is too much even for the immense computational engines running Everything2, so some "non-vital services" (i.e. humdrum noders' use) are "terminated". Then the cabal members disingenuously known as E2 Editors nuke them, after making sure they will not be noticed by the noders. The success of this system is evident: up till now, no one has managed to penetrate the veil of secrecy and publish. All those who have have been "resigned" from E2 shortly after, and before managing to publish.

It is my hope that this writeup will reach a sufficiently large audience to prevent my fate from being similar to those who have gone before me. I can only hope that I am indeed motivated by my bravery, not by my folly.