Velikovsky's "cosmology" (I use the term loosely) bears more hallmarks of a conspiracy theory than of a scientific theory. Its physics are ridiculous, but that's never bothered a pseudoscience.

So here's a minor historical quibble. All ancient civilizations knew the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. You'd also know them quite well if you lived without modern "light pollution" (under a dark sky), as you'd clearly see them every night. We're expected to believe that 4500 years ago a new planet showed up, and nobody bothered to make a note? I mean, they wrote about some utter triviality like frogs raining from the sky or a plague of locusts (material oddities, to be sure) and missed the appearance of another planet in the celestial spheres (a sure sign of Divine displeasure in most cultures)?

Of course, Velikovsky is here to stay. After all, Math is hard. At least that's what the media keep pushing.