It's really hard to decide which of the above two gentlepeople (we're trying to insult Footprints and Cletus the Foetus here, not all of you H. sapiens male wankers, OK?) to insult. (See also The Art of Insulting - Chapter II - Who do I insult, if your birdbrained braindead bird-like intelligence has already managed to forget Footprints' poorly-written, hopelessly stilted (softlinked so CtF can easily find what that word means) and largely content free prose (CtF, that's intelligent speak for "poetry which doesn't rhyme")).

It's "its" not "it's" in the first paragraph too ("... can stand on ITS own..."), you poor pair of dimwits. I mean, did you both try to go to Austria but end up in Australia, where an emu pecked out the tiny remnants of brain out of your misshapen skulls?

Footprints' grasp of the English language is weaker than a baby's whose hands are missing; this is well known (at least, to anyone with an IQ of above 3 degrees Kelvin, aka "more intelligent than empty space"). Still, every new mistake of his which I discover fills me with awe over just how cold outer space really is.

But the aptly-named CtF's "writeup" (more like a wrongup than a writeup, if you ask me) is even more astonishing. While Footprints makes a feeble attempt at what he no doubt considers "humour" (yes, there is a U in "humour", in case any of you are of the legendary species known as the "intelligent American", and is actually intellectually capable of spelling), Cletus the Foetus' abilities extend no further than a poorly-executed spelling flame. Given his inability to sense the second disturbance in the spelling, it is highly likely either that the first one was pointed out to him by someone else, or that he is, in fact, the same sorry numbskull as Footprints.

And what's with the crappy obscenities all over the place? Too lacking in fucking wit to insult without these sod-sucking appeals to the lowest common denominator? Even the readership of as shitty a place as E2 is (a tiny bit) above that!


Thank you so much, Mr. Ten Min Joe (What the hell is this? Some kind of Native American-Vietnamese-American name?), for your insightful comment that "stilted" above is hardlinked, not softlinked. I bet you're the kind of guy who gets all hot because he knows the difference between the two types of links. Well, to set your mind (I'm exaggerating for the sake of irony here) at rest (as if any force in the world could get it moving), YES, YOU'RE RIGHT. As if anybody CARES about your amazing English-language prowess, or something. I mean, you're the sort of guy who used to go to The Mousetrap and say "but he's not really a policeman" out loud, aren't you? There's this thing called a process of discovery, by which SMART PEOPLE learn. And SMARTER PEOPLE help them do that.

Thank you.