I don't know. Why don't you show me any development in AI in the past 25 years, and I'll tell you if it's bad?

Seriously, folks. What advances in AI (you even have a hard link to your new node!) has the past quarter century brought us?

Apart from Kevin Warwick and discussions of morality and ethics relating to these nonexistent thinking machines, that is!

Update on 9 September 2001.

The natives here are plainly incapable of understanding my words. Their blind faith in AI is perhaps admirable, but their inability to show any advances in AI is disturbing to anyone who wishes to believe their words. What have we to show? ELIZA? Besides being >25 years old, its chance of passing a Turing test are . It's 2001. Where is there a robot I could condemn to a life of servitude? Who washes the floors on the planet? HUMANS!

Yes. I am serious.