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A little-known E2 secret is how to /msg someone a secret message. Obviously, you can't just have your secret message displayed on the recipient's VDU, in plain sight for any enemy who chances by to see.

No, the secret of concealment is concealment. And I'm glad to say that Everything2 supports this feature, with a secret feature of the /msg command. Let's say you want to /msg idoether the secret message "attack at dawn" (if you wanted to send it to JayFez, it would have to be "ATTACH AT DAWN!!!", but the principle remains the same). Type this into your chatterbox:

/msg idoether <attack at dawn>Your last writeup was terrible!
Your correspondent will receive this message:
Your last writeup was terrible!
Voila! Nothing at all for the enemy to read! No clumsy encryption schemes (or scams)! No danger of RSA being cracked within the next 5 years, and your message being revealed to all.

This is really steganography at its best.

I'm leaving decoding the secret message to your imagination.