The Coronation tap is a pub in Clifton village, Bristol, UK, famous for its cider. The Corrie Tap (as it is affectionately known) has been in its present position with the same name since at least 1806. It is nestled near the Avon Gorge, just 2 minutes or so from the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.

This little pub has a variable atmosphere. At lunchtime and early evening, it’s a lovely place to have a quiet drink. After about eight o’clock, the Bristol University students begin to arrive. At night it’s nearly impossible to find a seat.

What makes the Corrie Tap something of a legend is its Exhibition Cider. According to the Coronation Tab websote, Exhibition is a relatively wimpy 8.4% alcohol, but rumours nevertheless place it as high as 20%, because the effect is so strong. Exhibition is flat, distinctive, and served from large bottles in half-pints only. The half pint thing is to stop people having a lot in one go; it is normal to buy two half pints at a time. It's like drinking half-pints of strong wine. Exhibition cider has been known to cause hallucinations. The Corrie Tap also has quite a good selection of ales.

An absolute must-visit place for the the Bristol International Noder Meet As it happens, the BINM never meade it to the Corrie tap, but it's now one of my local pubs.


The Coronation Tap,
8 Sion Place,
Bristol BS8 4AX
+44 (0)117 9739617