Microsoft has its reasons to stop you taking various screen names in MSN messenger, I'm sure. But they aren't always that obvious, or consistent. Here are some examples:

You can't be President, but you can be Prime Minister.

You can be a bastard but not a bitch

You can be AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo, but not MSN.

Help is banned; assistance, though, is fine.

You can be home but not at the office.

While fuck is far too rude for Microsoft, shit isn't.

Penis and vagina are blocked; you'd have to resort to the allowed cock and pussy. And there's no problem with testicles and clitoris.

Faggot is out; dyke is in.

You can be a criminal but MSN won't let you commit any crimes.

Sensibly, you can't be password. Username is allowed, though. Login is banned.

You can ask for a dollar or a pound -- or even piles of cash -- but not for money. Also, debit is fine but don't expect credit. However, a Visa or Mastercard will do nicely. Don't expect to be able to pay into an account, though. Finance in general is a problem.

A driver's licence is good ID, a passport is not.

Finally, you can't have boobs or tits. One boob or tit is OK; more than one is obscene. Nipples, on the other hand, are quite acceptable.