Happy 3rd Birthday E2

OK, so I know technically this isn't the date that E2 went 'live', but to most of us, especially those of us that weren't there, today represents the beginning of Everything2, the event horizon beyond which we have no access.

I'm new here. I don't remember the Everything turf war or Everything civil war. I missed April Trolls' Day. I never spoke to sensei or Hermetic, wharfinger or even Dman.

But I've argued about Butterfinger McFlurry like everybody else; I've been mystified by Ralph. I was there when the Honor Roll went live. I miss ephealy, and I wish Kidas would come back.

Everything2 is primarily a project about knowledge and education, but somewhere along the line it became a community. And it occured to me recently that perhaps it's emergent behavior; perhaps the project has evolved a community to facilitate itself. The secret is that on the way, the project itself has changed, in subtle ways that we are not aware of. We are participating in our own manipulation.

Which means it will continue to evolve. The code changes, the site changes, the administration changes, the noders change and the content changes. And as with all emergent systems, the changes themselves and the patterns they make are as interesting as their results.

We've come a long way. We've got a long way to go.

Happy birthday, Everything2

written before it was revealed that ephealy was alive, and that kidas was posting under a new account.