I swear I'm going to get myself a portable MP3 CD player.

I went to the gym this morning, as I have been for the last few weeks. Normally the radio is playing a decent mix of pop, classic rock and DJ interludes (with things like "the song of the day", having kids call in with their best jokes, etc). It's quite good to work out to as there are high energy moments and low energy moments. This morning however, some genius decided to turn it to some talk radio station! Myself and the guys I work out with listened for an hour to a discussion with the following topic:

"Should my four year old be allowed to get platform shoes?"

This annoyed me not only because there was no music, but because a topic that was potentially interesting and a cadidate for good discussion was completely wasted. All you had were soccer moms calling in and rehashing the same points over and over. "Is it sexual?" "If she wants to wear something let her." "You're her mom, you can tell her what she can and can't wear."

If the discussion had branched out into other topics such as why the child wanted to wear them, was it to try to be a sexual being or was it just because her friends (or her mom) wore platform shoes? If the child wants to learn how to earn money and buy the shoes (or whatever else she wants), should you let her? There was so much potential there for something interesting to be talked about that wasn't it was crushing. Well, not really, cause I just wanted to listen to some U2 and Stones.

Just in case this new radio station is going to be a permenant change, I'm going to get myself a nice MP3-CD player that can be strapped to me somehow so I can listen to whatever I want while pumping iron.