Ugh, what a morning. See, me and the guys from work who are blessed with a bit more fat on them than there should be have been going to the gym to pump some iron the last couple of weeks. So far we've been going monday, wednesday, friday to the weight/cardio room, which has gone well. This last week someone suggested that we go tuesday and thursday to the gym part of the local YMCA and play floor hockey, basketball, or some other full body workout sport instead of doing weights.

Now this was what I thought was happening anyway. But at 6:34am I thought I heard bells. I turned over and went back to sleep though, because my alarm clock wasn't scheduled to go off for another half hour. A couple of minutes later the bells came again, this time far more insisting that I get up. As soon as I realized what it was (the door buzzer of the apartment building). Seems that the guy from the carpool who was driving this week didn't realize that we weren't going every day, or I didn't realize we weren't! My buddy was greeted by me in a housecoat, hair looking like Einstein, not able to see yet, and obviously not ready to go.

If this wasn't bad enough, the time I normally wake up is only 20 minutes away, so I didn't even have time to go back to sleep for any amount of time before it was really time to get up :( Granted, I was feeling really refreshed this morning because it didn't take nearly as long to drag my ass out of bed (that was done to answer the door already).