Oh Happy Day

I finally fixed the 'too many files open' bug that's been plaguing me for the last while... apparently when you fork and then use a socket in the child of that fork, that socket has to be close()ed in the parent as well as the child. With RSA's SSL-C library anyway.

So I happily went around fixing all my old code, adding the one little "close( s );" line and making problems go away. Today is also Friday (arguably the best day of the week, it's a long weekend and the bug that our QA team has been working on has been fixed. My system at home (which my last daylog entry mentioned it had blown up) is being slowly restored. It has a new name, Phoenix (after the quote from SAL in 2010 about it meaning something "... raising from the ashes...."

If things continue on this way, I'll win a million dollars, have a node C!ed and get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Of course, on the flipside, with so much good karma around me today, something terrible is bound to happen (flood, famine, and downvoting no doubt).

Ha! Even as I type this another bugzilla bug has been verified as invalid (stupid tech error) so that's one less thing I have to mess with!