What a crappy way to end/start the day. Last night I got home after a long and frustrating day at work to find that the apartment still resembled a sty. My SO, (whom I love very much) was asleep on the bed. Now I'm a messy person by nature, but coming home to a sink and counter full of dirty dishes was not fun. I bashed around a bit, muttered about going to the store to get some milk, and left. I came home and nothing was done. In fact, the love of my life was still on the bed asleep. So, very pissed off I started doing the dishes, bashing and clanging things around. She came out and thought I was mad because of my car, which had clutch problems.

Oh, I didn't mention that?

When I left to go to the story I found my clutch now only works if it's pressed really hard into the floorboards. It would still go, but it was not "Good". It seemed like the clutch was always partially engaged, so putting my beast into gear was... not easy... possible, but only with lots of cursing.

Going to work this morning to take it in to get a scratch from a while back repaired as well as the clutch was fun too. I had to push it out of it's parking spot because reverse was not an option. Neither was first gear... I'm glad that it's a nice powerful engine that starts off nicely in second (which was painful to get into as well. Downshift? I don't think so. Luckily the body shop has their own mechanic and they can replace the cylinder (or whatever it is) easily. Not incrediably cheaply of course, but it'll be done. I'm glad the clutch didn't go already, it's only a '98!

As far as work related news goes, it looks like the bug I've been bashing my head against a wall with is a 'too many files open' bug. Just have to figure out what's not being closed properly. Thank you lsof!