Bah. I've gotten fuck all done today. I managed to find and then fix one bug in our high availability system. Basically standby didn't know about the Firecard or Firecard Plus device types, so it said "screw you, I'm not going to standby mode for you!" and bailed. After explaining to standby about Firecard and Firecard Plus, it agreed nicely to let them go into standby mode. But that's aboot it. I've had this other bitch of a bug hanging over my poor coders head for a week now related to VPN and the new version of FreeSwan ( where this upgrade from version 1.8 to version 1.91 now refuses to connect, with all sorts of weird shit. The people who are supposed to be helping me didn't do much, either asking me ever couple of hours if it's fixed yet or telling me "it didn't work" and the looking at me like I'm speaking german when I ask simple questions like "so what did it actually do?" Oh, and telling me "xxx is what is causing the problem" is great, but I told them that that was the problem a couple of days ago and asked how to fix said problem.

In 30 minutes we go to play some volleyball, which will be nice. I'd love to say that I can sleep in on Saturday, but we have a volleyball tournament for charity on Saturday, with our game times being 9:45am and 4:45pm. Pretty awful huh? I guess I can get some work done (or some quake playing) in between as they place we're playing is just down from the office. I'm much rather it was just down from home, so I could go and nap/hack/whatever instead of being faced with a 30 minute drive each way. This way I get out of helping my girlfriend doing manual labor at her parents to get the barn ready though ;)

Kitten pictures are up at by the way. The little grey one is the new girl, tentatively named "Jewel". The big black one is Rex, a street cat that I adopted, and the other is Cornelius, who I got as a kitten from an ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago.

Seconds Later....

Wow, that was wierd... as soon as I submitted this writeup I got a message saying that I just gained 11 XP. Nothing got C!ed (no messages from cool man eddie and I don't see any big increase or decrease in other nodes' score. I did just vote on a bunch of writeups, and according to xp whoring for dummies each vote has a 20% chance of gaining 1 XP, but that would (even at each vote getting me one XP) only have gained me 7 (the daylog entries for today) so far.