Everything Experience
Something that has never happened before happened last night while I was sleeping. Someone C!ed an old node of mine. Which one I will leave as an exercise to the reader, but it was a bit shocking. I thought that you pretty much never got C!ed unless it was a new node. I know that XP and points on e2 don't mean anything, but it was still a pretty neat experience (if you'll pardon the pun).

X-Box Experience
I wandered into town last night to do some things, deposit a paycheck, get some gas before the prices jumped up, and on my way back I figured "what the hell?" and stopped by the mall to see if I could check out an X-Box and/or a GameCube. London Drugs had an X-Box on display, but not running anything. It was priced slightly less than a Playstation 2 ($459 vs $499). The GameCube was also there, very small and very cool looking... I didn't notice the price on it though.

Future Shop fared both better and worse, seemingly at the same time. They actually had an X-Box on display, playing a game! The setup was two TV sets with metal boxes (to prevent theft I guess) under them. They were situated above a wall of console games, both X-Box and GameCube. The GameCube set wasn't on, and the X-Box was playing some lame football game (I'm not a sports game fan by any means). I was there to see two things though... Halo and Rouge Leader, nothing more, nothing less. I set it in my mind that if they had them, I would buy both systems and games on the spot. Now of course, this would never happen, but I figured if I thought it, the salesdroids would smell it on me and actually come and help me.


I stood there for a while with salesdroids passing by but no offer to help. Hell, I think I could have stood there with a wad of cash, dropping hundreds on the floor and still gotten no help.

Eventually I wandered to the audio section and asked the droid there about the consoles. I told him I was interested in the X-Box and if he could help me. He wandered to get someone for me.

Apparently they can't change the game. It's "set by head office." If I wanted to buy it right there, on the condition they show me Halo? Gee, sucks to be me I guess. Fucking morons.

X Experience
After my sucess with finding the problem to my Asus Motherboard and nVidia GeForce Stability Problems I decided to update to the newest nVidia drivers for my GeForce 2 GTS video card. They work great now! No more freezing up a few seconds into Quake3! (before I was using older drives that worked fine). Now though, all my X fonts are fscked up :( Weird, wrong shape, all small and messy. Not sure where the problem is :( I managed to get it readable by mucking with the gtk theme but you can tell it's not quite there yet. I may revert back, there's not a huge difference (if any) that I've seen.