Well, not a bad day today eh? First of all, it's the Userfriendly birthday. Congrats to Illiad et all. Secondly, it's my birthday! So happy birthday to me! Just got back from seeing the Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I "read" the audio book on mp3 a while back and quite enjoyed it. The movie missed out some minor (yet important to the overall feel of the fantasy) scenes, but all in all it was a faithful representation of the story.

Tonight I get to head to my parents with my girlfriend for dinner. It's strange, a few years ago I would be waiting in eager anticipation for presents but honestly, I don't really care much. My good buddy Brad got me the movie Rush Hour on DVD which is cool, and don't get me wrong, I'm not going to complain about anything I get... it's just it doesn't seem that important anymore.

Maybe that's how it is... as you get older things that used to matter, don't. Is it good or bad to loose this from your life, along with the other things you used to do but don't anymore. Climbing trees, walking in the woods pretending you were on a dangerous mission for the army, making plastic model airplanes... all gone. Replaced by... what? I don't know. An addiction to computers, a girlfriend that lives with me. Things I never would have imagined having or caring about a few years ago. Strange how things change over time.

Ah well... off to the bank to deposit a paycheck, and then to dinner! (Mmmmm.... tenderloin.... yummy....)