The question of how to make money from the Internet and web browsers has long been a question in the business world. The daunting problems facing a company trying to do this have destroyed more than a couple. However, I think that the internet has evolved enough so that a viable business model can be derived.

It's very simple. Get all the developers that worked on Netscape and Internet Explorer and line them up. Anyone who has ever had strife, pain, or ever had to do any developing on the web pays a dollar to bitchslap them. A refined pay structure such as below could give a few more choices for people, depending on the pain they've endured dealing with the multitude of standards that have been created, and the inherent non-compatibility between various browsers.

There is the question of location as well. You could send them all to somewhere that needs tourism. Minnesota perhaps. People would flock there for the chance to bitchslap an IE developer. Another idea would be to have the developers tour inner city areas. Not only would this stimulate economic growth, but anger and aggression could be taken out on the developers (who brought you javascript, JScript, and the other javascript, not compatible with the first), rather than in drive by shootings and other acts of senseless violence.