"Love The Gord, Fear The Gord"

http://actsofgord.com is a hilarious website created by/for The Gord, who is the owner and proprietor of The Gamers Edge, a game shop in Penticton, British Columbia. The shop rents and sells consoles such as Nintendo, Playstation and PS2 and has a wide variety of games for all of them, including many rare and valuable ones.

The Gord has written great stories of the crap he has to deal with, and how he deals with it.

He is the BOFH personified.

The Gord has created a great website with fantasically funny writings. Below are the main sections from the site.

Please note: I am not associated with The Gord, the actsofgord.com website, or Penticton in any way, shape or form, aside from being the author of a couple of nodes relating to them. I am simply trying to spread the word about this site.