To (possibly) make life a little easier for stylesheet designers, is it feasible to insert links (with CSS selectors) to the major sections of E2 into the code of every page (hidden by default)?

I'm thinking anything currently in a nodelet, plus a couple of things not presently covered like News for Noders, Cool User Picks and Staff Picks. This would make it easier to consistently style pages regardless of their content, and also make possible themes that don't rely on particular nodelets being enabled/disabled by the user.

Pageload-wise, perhaps a more efficient alternative could be to provide NFN and CUP nodelets. Having said that, there's something to be said for making possible themes that can work with all nodelets turned off.

Sorta-related, I think it would also be useful if CSS selectors could be added to the entries in the 'vitals' nodelet, and/or (as above) if they could be made available outside the nodelet structure.