A group of men dedicated to recovering and restoring lost wartime and combat aircraft.

The members originally worked for the Air Tanker force in California, where they restored a B-25 bomber that originally served there - delivering it to the Air Force Museum.

The group's members include Gary Larkins (founder), Don Carroll, Greg Winschell and Darryl Greenamyer.

The name was adopted when newspaper editor used it to refer to them, after the group recovered a P-47 Thunderbolt that he had intended to retrieve himself.

The group has successfully recovered over 65 aircraft, including a P-38 Lightning from under 265ft of ice in Greenland, and one of only two surviving Sikorsky S-43 "Baby Clippers" from Alaska.

Most famously the group attempted to recover the kee bird B-29 bomber from a frozen lake in Greenland, but the attempt had to be abandoned because of severe weather