Last night was definately worth it! I don't think i could get into the habit of spending $16.50 for a show though, Against Me! might make the exception this time. The whole set is a blur, if i recall correctly they started with miami and ended with ...I don't even know. Those anarcho punks are mysterious and pints of guiness make you strong (which Tom Gable wrote for his grandparents) were the furtherst back they went. I had to scream my head off and dance to the side because this is Connecticut and people don't know how to dance- the pit was an unglorious blend of rape and shoving, sheep with no Jesus. After Against Me! was done with their set I went back to the underground (where everyone can dance together and not get trampled on!) and found Pluto Gang playing, and circled the last few minutes of my night away until my dad wanted to go (yes, I'm almost 18 and still don't drive, but look at gas prices and shit, can you bame me?)- he get's cranky if he doesn't leave when he wants to. Before Against Me! was on, Tip the Van was in the underground, which was some very dance-adelic (I make up words) ska. We left before Alkaline Trio came on, as planned. I was told they were only playing older stuff... the whole idea of the tour, but i was never really into them.

Before last night I had a cough, I think I may have screamed it away, no blood though.*

*This is a bad reference to Scream until you're coughing up blood, which could be found on Reinventing Axl Rose.