I wrote a lot about gags today. Specifically, ball gag and stuffed leather gag. I am hoping to turn this into a zany gag-noding project by filling in bit gag, penis gag, and maybe a few others over the next few days. Indeed, I'm feeling like I may have found a niche in my noding of BDSM teminology and maybe furry stuff. This is exciting to me. Does anyone else ever feel like they would love to node, but just have nothing to write about that they can do a good job on?

Also, someone needs to invent a file format that makes surfing the web with images enabled using a modem less painful when your broadband isn't working. The internet was never this slow before I got a taste of the good life. Why are we still using discrete cosine transforms to compress our images when discrete wavelet transforms do such a better job? It makes no sense. Bring on jpeg2000! It's three years old already and still no one uses it!