Godiva Chocolatier is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company. While this may not say much about the actual product, as seemingly almost all companies are owned by some other larger company, many chocophiles consider Godiva chocolates to be decidedly not worth the price. Godiva chocolates are not made from proper gourmet ingredients, but are priced in the "prestiege" or "gourmet" markets, which makes them, in my opinion and in others' opinions, to be a poor value. I consider Lindt truffles to be a much better deal, but they're not exactly stellar either. Comparing US$10 per pound for Lindt chocolates to US$35 for Godiva chocolates can be tricky given the different marketing of the two products, but they are made from very similar ingredients, and compared to proper gourmet chocolate, they're about at the same quality level.

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As an addendum to this writeup, I will advise the viewing public that while Godiva chocolates aren't really worth the money at normal price, if you can get them at 50% off after certain holidays, they're quite tasty. Do not, however, eat a half a pound of them in an evening, as I recently did while depressed. You will be more depressed in the morning when you find out what it'll do to your digestive system.