Pig's 1996 (Japan, released on Wax Trax! in the USA in 1997) album. The US release contains the following tracks:

  • Wrecked
  • No one gets out of her alive was The Book Of Tequila in the Japanese release)
  • Everything
  • Contempt
  • Save Me
  • The only good one's a dead one
  • Blades (slash mix) (was: Fuck Me I'm Sick)
  • Find It Fuck It Forget It (sump mix)
  • Sanctuary (spent sperm mix)
  • Silt

This album is vaguely similar in style to KMFDM's symbols album (which Raymond worked on after releasing Wrecked), but it has a much darker feel to it. Wrecked starts with booming percussion followed by sad, twangy music overlaid with samples of what sounds like domestic abuse from a British drama, then picks up into something faster and more synthesized. No one ... is slow and sinister ("I am the glutton dressed as glam, the mutton and the ham; my table's broke, not turning, my skin is crawling burning"). Everything is heavier and more menacing, while Contempt sounds more like a bastard son of Nihil and Symbols-era KFMDM.

Save Me is slow, and feels lost and grief-stricken, as Raymond screams "Never touch me, never heal me, never hurt me, never save me". The only good one's a dead one is a personal favorite; it's fast, intense, and unrelenting, climaxing to a buildup of synth and synth percussion, then suddenly letting up and returning to the regular pace of the song. The remix of Blades (from The Swining) is also good, back to the good old sinister Pig feel, with more Raymond rasping than the original. Find it ... is also a Swining remix that adds a lot to the original; this version has more play in the tempo and has a more dirtily sophisticated feel to it. Expect more rock-like elements; of course, the original was all beating-on-things percussion, synth, police sirens, and Grieg samples. Good, but different.

Sanctuary is one of the longest tracks on the album. It takes the original Sanctuary from Praise the Lard, twists its soul, and subjects it to Hell, while adding a woman's backing vocals. It very much has a "tragic ballad of the local Death Rider from Hell" feel to it; the music (dark synth and orchestral samples) adds to the imagery of the lyrics. Silt is instrumental (well, non-vocal, it's all synth stuff), and is very much a letdown track, in the sense of "coming off an intense experience".