British industrial band, fronted by Marc Heal as singer. Loud, and with lots of guitar samples. I've heard Marc compared to Lemmy (of Motorhead) for singing voice. Loud. Hoofing kick drums. Exhausting to dance to. Loud.

Partial discography:

  1. Body Burn (single) (1993)
  2. Antimatter (1993)
  3. Metal (EP) (1994)
  4. Oxyactylene (single) (1994)
  5. Cyberia (1995)
  6. Joy (single) (1996)
  7. Barbarossa (1996)
  8. Interference (1998)

Some of their tracks, like Oxyacetylene and Body Burn have been inescapable dancefloor staples, although they seemd to decline in popularity in their native Britain after Barbarossa's release.

Marc also has a side project, Ashtrayhead and worked with Jean-Luc de Meyer of Front 242 on C-Tec.

Soon after the Body Burn single was released, Cubanate's original four members split evenly into Cubanate and K-Nitrate.

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