A musician, native to New York City. Her original music generally falls into the folk rock category, featuring heartfelt vocals, energetic acoustic guitars and sassy lyrics about life and love. In 1995 she released a self-titled EP which subsequently sold over 3,000 copies at her live shows. In 1999 she recorded and released a second independent album, "Joy", produced by Jimmy Bralower (Madonna, Peter Gabriel), Anton Sanko (Suzanne Vega), and one of her bandmates Frank Vilari (Shawn Colvin, Jewel).

Koral's interest in music emerged early in her teens, when she performed in the Off-Broadway theaters of New York City. She began writing and singing her own pop-influenced material after graduating from Syracuse University when she discovered a knack for composing and singing her own songs.

The single, "Cold" from "Joy" catapulted Koral onto the New York singer-songwriter scene alongside other artists like Lisa Loeb, Jeff Buckley, and Joan Osbourne. She has performed at Disney World with the Doobie Brothers, and shared the stage with many other successful independent artists like Melissa Ferrick and Ani DiFranco. In January 2002, Koral released her third independent album, "Cloudwalking."