A metal-grid bridge over the Housatonic River in Connecticut, which connects the Merritt Parkway in Stratford to the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Milford.

Drivers' sensations of slipping, sliding, and vibrating as they traverse its metal deck have given the span a reputation for being, at best, a nuisance, and at worst, an outright danger.

The deck of this bridge is a metal grate, which gives the bridge its nickname, "the see-through bridge." If one looks down while crossing it, the Housatonic River below is clearly visible. Also, the grate has a major design flaw, and as a result the metal decking fits into the vertical treds of tires instead of the horizontal ones which provide traction. As a result, cars shimmy sideways, which leads to motorists slowing down for better control. This slowing down has the opposite effect however. By slowing down even more traction is lost, and more shimmying occurs. This phenominon has been the cause of many major accidents.