Let's not bullshit ourselves.

Anyone can play a twitch game. Notice how I used it as a noun. Relatively few, however, will ever twitch game. Notice the verb.

Try it. I dare you. Pick up a game that you haven't devoted months, maybe years to, and try to zone out while you play. Come back when you do that.

Yeah, you just got your ass handed to you.

Twitch gaming isn't playing a game and trying to zone out. Twitch gaming is being so comfortable with a game, so understanding of the intricacies that thinking about playing slows you down. That's right. Twitch gaming is not only an art- in proper context, it is the epitome of playing. Moving your crosshair to the enemy's head before you realize what you're doing. Killing your mark before your brain realizes he even showed up. Twitch gaming isn't fun, it's exhilarating. You don't laugh with your friends when you're in the zone, you sigh in relief when you realize that you just killed someone. Who knows, maybe you didn't even realize you do it- you aren't focusing. When you can reach this point of gaming, revel in it. Use it. Love it. Understand that most people can't do what you don't even have to think about.

But here's something I've noticed, at least about myself: I don't get better when I'm not focusing. When I zone out and play, I fall to the same tricks, miss the same opportunities, and never come up with something clever that I've never done before. My reflexes don't learn. If you're someone who zones out when they play, go back to the real world sometime when you're playing. You won't be as quick, but you'll get better. It's a delicate balance. Use one to improve the other. Training yourself will make you better in performance mode, I swear. Suck up the deaths- you'll destroy these kids when it counts.