When I began here, I was simply learning; wrote a bit, looked around, and suddenly, as a flower opening to the world, discovered the possibilities hidden beneath. Brushed away the weeds, and dug my toes into the ground. Expanding myself, my ideas, E2 has become an ultimate forum for self-expression. This is a home for me, and I hope you find the light that I have followed thus far.

You showed me a 300 baud modem as a girl, terminal programs and text-based games, encouraged my initial forays into coding on the Commodore 64. You told me computers were the future, described your digital dreams of the internet when I and the rest of the world were just learning of local bulletin boards and telnet MUDs. My interest in computers has always been genuine, but your ideal has always been there. You sent me a link to Slashdot, excited about Linux. I browsed RedHat, geekpolls, DivX ;-), and clicked though to see if I really would Blow My Mind.
As you yourself have so indirectly brought me here, I have invited you personally. If you're reading this, you've found me, recognized the username. I doubt it was hard.

All you will and have read of my nodes are true, this is utterly myself, safe in anonyminity. Yes, I spent a Friday night in a whorehouse. Yes, I lost my mind in Chicago. And yes, I got arrested. I'm not proud, and it won't happen again.
(By the way, Mom doesn't know, so don't say anything, okay?)

I don't see you much, but I know our connection is deeper than it is expressed. I find hesitations in expressing what I feel in person, but perhaps this is an opportunity for you get to know your daughter a little better.

I hope you enjoy Everything. Thanks for showing up.